LTC Solutions

Need information on long term care products or resources to share with your clients? The Life Marketers LTC Solutions Center contains a wealth of resources that you can use. Of course, our team is always available to get you a quote or help you succeed with your next client oppotunity.

Tools for Agents

Cost of Care Estimator

Have clients thinking about long term care insurance? This online tool from John Hancock helps estimate the cost of care in all 50 states. Use it so clients can understand the risks they face without an LTC policy. Visit

Myths about Long Term Care

Many myths surround long term care often causing clients to ignore long term care insurance needs. This brief document provides some answers to dispel the myths and make the case for LTC insurance. Download

Consumer Information

2013 Cost of Care Survey

This in-depth survey from Genworth examines the cost of long term care in the United States. Featuring cost of care maps and cost tables, the document looks at every state and category of care including home care, adult day care centers, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. Download

Valuable Lessons on LTC Planning

This reprint for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance is a helpful guide on long term care planning for 40 to 60 year olds. It’s a great leave behind for your clients. Download

Common Questions on LTC Planning

Consumers have questions about long term care. This reprint from Kiplinger’s focuses on those questions and provides some much needed answers. Download

The Savage Truth About Long Term Care

This reprint for the Chicago Sun Times is about long term care and the impact it can have on personal finances. It’s a great, short primer you can give to clients. Download

Long Term Care Brochure

This brochure from Genworth, intended for consumers, challenges clients to understand how they will pay for long term care in the case of a prolonged illness. With probing questions and useful information, it might help close your next LTC sale. Download

Product Information

Total Living Coverage (TLC) from Genworth vs. MoneyGuard

This guide offers a comparison of Long Term Care insurance between MoneyGuard from Lincoln and TLC from Genworth. Authored by Genworth, the guide looks at benefits, coverage limits, provisions, and other factors. Download


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