Unlock The Flexibility of Premium Financing

Complex wealth management strategies require flexibility which is a key to success with high net worth clients. Life Marketers helps agents succeed by offering tools like Premium Financing. Financing premiums enables your clients to purchase life insurance without having to liquidate assets or raise significant upfront capital. With Premium Financing you can build products that meet the tax, estate, and wealth preservation goals of clients.

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Large life insurance policies may require a significant upfront investment. Unlocking the cash to pay for such policies often requires the sale of illiquid assets which can trigger tax consequences. Premium Financing offers a solution. With insurance Premium Financing large life insurance policies can be purchased without fronting the cash or selling assets to fund the obligation.

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How Premium Financing Works

Premium Financing is similar to a line of credit. First, the party seeking insurance gets approved for a policy. Then, an application is made for bank financing. Assuming approval based on credit and financial history, the premium is delivered to the insurance company and the policy is issued. The death benefit or cash value is used as collateral against the loan on the policy. Of course, there are a variety of options in how the financing is executed to achieve specific estate planning or financial goals.

Financing and Life Marketers

Life Marketers has established relationships with multiple premium finance specialists. We can help structure finance plans to meet individual client goals including interest only payments or, if desired, zero payments with accumulated interest and principal both paid from the death benefit. Life Marketers will assist you with product design, underwriting, financing, and coordination between the bank and carrier. We make Premium Financing easy so you can succeed with your clients.

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