Peace of Mind with Short Term Disability Insurance

Most people don’t have the savings to support their family when income is lost. When injured and out of work for up to two years, Short Term Disability Insurance (DI) pays a percentage of income. Now, instead of financial ruin, the policy holder can focus on recuperation. Life Marketers helps agents set up Short Term DI for businesses, groups, and even individuals.

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Short Term Disability Insurance offers clients peace of mind should a disabling injury occur. Since most people can’t afford to live without earned income, Short Term DI provides a way to protect against disaster should the unexpected occur. Short Term Disability Insurance is primarily a group product but individual policies are also available. Life Marketers helps agents and insurance professionals obtain Short Term DI policies for both groups and individuals.

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Working with Life Marketers on Short Term Disability

Life Marketers strives to make life easy for our partners and agents. We pride ourselves on being helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable. We assist our partners with all aspects of selling insurance from initial quote to policy issue. We have only one goal−make our partner agents successful.

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