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Adding Riders and Benefits for future needs

As I have stated before, I really have a lot of admiration for the various insurance companies that are at the forefront of modifying and enhancing their products and portfolios to meet the current and future needs of people.... Read more

By: John Norce 1/4/2016

Become a Star Field Underwriter

Recently we held a webinar titled “How to get paid faster.” The focus was on the application process with ideas and solutions on how to create a more efficient and improved buying experience for your clients. We had a great turnout.... Read more

By: John Norce 9/25/2015

“What” You Can Do To Close More Sales

Let’s face it, people do not get excited to buy life insurance nor do they look forward to the process. So understanding the buying psychology or motives of a client are vital to our marketing and sales success. What makes them buy? Why do they choose specific products and not others? When is the best time of the year to approach clients for insurance and financial planning? Where do my clients like.... Read more

By: John Norce 6/24/2015

Creative ways to use term insurance

As a General Agent, we clearly see various applications of term insurance to solve the needs of clients.
Below, you will find some creative solutions using products in our portfolio to successfully solve many common and uncommon challenges.
I’ve always looked at life insurance needs being like a bell curve.
Early Career Needs

By: John Norce 7/2/2014

Keys to Success: Why Is Disability Insurance The Forgotten Step-Sister?

One thing that always surprises us is how few agents even think of disability insurance (DI) when speaking with clients. Is it difficult to get the lay person to see the value in a DI policy? Or is it not financially feasible? We don’t think these are the problems with DI. Instead, we often find that agents don’t focus on the product. Read More

By: John Norce


Keys To Success: Our Role & Annuities

We often find agents are marketing annuities as an alternative to stocks or bonds. Are they a viable alternative? Understanding the roles annuities play in the diverse market for financial products is critical to success. Read More

By: John Norce


How Does Your IUL Stack Up?

Indexed Universal Life or IUL is a key product in the arsenal of any life insurance agent. Yet, we find that many agents don't market some important IUL benefits. Find out about some important IUL options that just might help you seal your next IUL opportunity. Read More

By: John Norce


Gender Based Pricing & Long Term Care Insurance

Some carriers are switching to gender based pricing for long term care (LTC) insurance. This can make the sale more difficult for agents but other options exist in the market that may actually reduce costs. Read More

By: John Norce


Use Linked Benefits To Build Your Sales Arsenal

Most agents are familiar with linked benefits. However, Life Marketers deals with lots of agents and we often find that linked benefits are not brought up as an option when selling life or LTC policies. Read More

By: John Norce

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