A Long Term Care Insurance Broker Who Helps Plan for the Future

78. That’s the average American lifespan. But, with a longer life comes an increased chance that care will be needed in later years. Care that is expensive yet critical for quality of life. As a Long Term Care Insurance Broker, Life Marketers helps insurance professionals develop plans so clients can provide for their future or that of a loved one.

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When unforeseen medical conditions, disaster or just age takes its toll many people require long term care. Physical therapists, nurses, home modifications, medical devices, or home health technicians may be needed for advanced care or even for everyday activities like feeding and bathing. Most don’t have the resources to withstand the overwhelming expense. Whether the care is provided in the home or at a facility, the costs and the need are very real.

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All too often long term care means a catastrophic hit to retirement savings or other assets like home equity. Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) offsets these expenses by providing a monthly benefit. Life Marketers, a Long Term Care Insurance Broker and General Agent, helps agents and financial professionals develop strategies for clients either through a dedicated LTC policy or by adding a Long Term Care rider or chronic illness rider to a life insurance policy.

Life Marketers Is Your LTC Expert

LTC insurance policies provide a variety of options for your clients. As a Long Term Care Insurance Broker we help craft a policy that is ideal for your client’s unique situation. Long term care expenses are not predictable so we help optimize policies to provide for future needs while also taking into account requirements like premium tolerance. Our experts assist with case illustration/design, shopping the market, quoting, and underwriting. We can help with:

Individual Long Term Care Insurance- offers a daily or monthly benefit with client directed/chosen options for indemnity or reimbursement depending on need. We can also include inflation riders to protect against escalating costs.

Long Term Care Rider- many clients already have a life insurance policy. For these individuals a long term care rider may be the best solution. For clients without life insurance we can also assist with a Linked Benefit policy which combines life and LTC.

Group Long Term Care- as a Long Term Care Insurance Broker we help many businesses establish group policies. We can advise on the tax advantages, discounts and policy options. These also provide simplified underwriting in many cases.

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