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Life Marketers helps insurance agents and financial professionals find peace of mind for their clients with stable, dependable products that protect for the future. We can help protect against the uncertain outcomes in life with insurance or, as an Insurance Marketing Organization, we can also help with a complete line of annuities that protect financial assets.

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Clients look to insurance agents to help them find peace of mind with solutions that mitigate the risks in life. An Insurance Marketing Organization like Life Marketers fulfills this need with a variety of products like long term care insurance, life insurance, or even disability insurance. But, just as important, is protecting assets and income. Annuities provide a safe haven for accumulated wealth that can be structured to achieve specific financial goals

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We help agents and financial professionals succeed in the annuity market with a complete line of top rated products from financially stable companies.

The flexibility of annuities is the lynchpin behind their popularity. Annuities can be structured based upon term, payout schedule, or many other factors. Life Marketers offers a wide selection of annuities but some of the more popular include:

SPIA (Single Premium Immediate Annuity)- purchased with a single deposit, SPIAs offer monthly payments immediately following purchase. Principal is never returned but monthly payments continue for the entire term of the annuity, often until death. SPIAs are an excellent tool for generating a monthly income with a guaranteed monthly payment.

Equity Indexed Annuities- tie returns directly to a specific index like the S&P 500. Equity Indexed Annuities offer better payouts than fixed annuities and less risk than variable annuities. Useful in retirement planning, Equity Indexed Annuities can defer taxes until after retirement age.

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