An Insurance General Agent Focused on Your Success

Insurance professionals need a General Agent who is dependable, responsive and knowledgeable. A partner who understands the needs of Insurance professionals. A solutions provider. An Insurance General Agent like Life Marketers.

Since 2004, insurance professionals have relied upon Life Marketers. We use our in-depth knowledge of Life Insurance, Disability, Long Term Care and Annuities to provide the best solutions for your clients while helping you with industry leading support on underwriting, case management and policy issue. At Life Marketers our only goal is to help you succeed.

An Insurance General Agent Who Makes Your Job Easier

Agents are often forced to spend much of their time on case development and underwriting instead of on servicing customers. In our experience, one of the biggest barriers to success is the backend processes. That’s where Life Marketers can help. Our team has decades of experience in Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Disability, and Annuities. We use our knowledge of the products and carriers to find the best solutions and get policies issued. We understand the carriers and what they need throughout the underwriting process. We help every step of the way while offering competitive street level commissions. Our only goal is to help our partners win business and write new policies. Should you expect anything else from your Insurance General Agent? Experience the Life Marketers advantage and contact us so we can help you succeed.

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Cary Stancil

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