Life Insurance Solutions

Need information on life insurance products or resources to share with your clients? The Life Marketers Life Insurance Solutions Center contains a wealth of resources that you can use. Of course, our team is always available to help you succeed with your next client opportunity.


Tools for Agents

Beneficiary Review Worksheet

A beneficiary review is a good way to strengthen client relationships.  The process of collecting data during a review may also help you identify insurance shortcomings, and, in many cases, point to the need for a more detailed insurance review. Download

Applicant Pre-Screening Questionnaire

Use this tool to complete your field underwriting with each client or to request a risk assessment from Life Marketers. Download

Accelerated Underwriting Guide

Do This PDF outlines the details of the accelerated underwriting programs offered by our carriers. Download

Non-Med Term Guide

This PDF outlines non-medical term products offered by our carriers.  Non-medical applications do not require a paramed exam or labs. Download

Key Man Life Insurance Case Study

This PDF from North American outlines scenarios and case studies for using Key Man Insurance for business continuity planning.  The document is filled with useful information for agents who market life insurance to businesses.  Download

Funding A Buy Sell Agreement with Life Insurance

Do you market life insurance to businesses? This case study from North American examines scenarios for using life insurance to fund a buy sell agreement for business continuity. Download

Buy-Sell Insurance Concept Kit

Selling insurance to small business owners? Using a Buy-Sell arrangement in small business succession planning is a great financial move and one that can increase life insurance sales for the agent. This concept kit from Prudential explains Buy-Sell and how to go about marketing it. Download

Buy-Sell FAQ

This tool from Prudential contains frequently asked questions and the answers on funding Buy-Sell arrangement using life insurance. Download


Chronic Illness Marketing Guide

The Chronic Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider (CIABR) from North American adds an important level of protection for your clients should they face an unexpected chronic illness. This PDF explains CIABR and its benefits. Download

Funding An Executive Bonus with Life Insurance

Life insurance offers a variety of retirement and tax deferral benefits. In this case study from North American Indexed Universal Life is used to fund a bonus arrangement for a key employee providing benefits to both the employee and the company. Download

Five Ways to Qualify Foreign National Clients

Have clients who are foreign nationals but looking to add life insurance? This document provides some tips and advice to help qualify foreign nationals during the underwriting process with Lincoln Financial. Download

Life Insurance Underwriting for Private Pilots

Have clients who are private pilots? This document from Lincoln advises on life insurance underwriting requirements for private pilots. Download

Life Insurance Underwriting for Cigar & Pipe Smokers

Have clients who enjoy cigars and pipes? This flyer from Lincoln explains non-smoker risk classification for non-cigarette tobacco users. Download

Estate Planning White Paper

Need to understand the concepts in estate planning a little better? This article from Prudential discusses the Five Levels of Estate Planning. It’s a great overview on estate planning and examines a strategic approach to estate planning. Download

Estate Planning Fact Finder

Need to do some estate planning with clients? This fact finder from Prudential helps you gather all the information you need. Download

ILIT Primer

This helpful primer from Prudential explains the in and outs of an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust. Using a question and answer format, the document explains some important components of an ILIT and explains how many different administrative tasks are handled. Download

Understanding Policy Loans

In this document from Minnesota Life, life insurance policy loans are discussed with some useful information for agents so you can answer client questions. Download

Multi Generational Legacy Planning

Sales strategy to perpetuate wealth transfer between generations. Download


Consumer Information

Indexed Universal Life Cheat Sheet

Need a quick primer for clients on Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance? This document from North American explains how IUL works in simple terms great for use with clients. Download

Indexed Universal Life Consumer Guide

This examination of Indexed Universal Life (IUL) from North American is a detailed guide for use with clients. The PDF contains an explanation of concepts, products, options, payouts, and other useful information. The guide is a comprehensive review of IUL. Download

Premium Financing Consumer Flyer

Have clients interested in life insurance premium financing? This Minnesota Life customer facing document explains the estate tax benefits of premium financing. Download

B Trust Funding

Many affluent individuals use life insurance for tax and estate planning purposes. This document explains B Trust Funding which uses life insurance to fund estate transfer expense but avoids the negative impact on cash flow which can be caused by life insurance premiums. Download

ILIT Explanation

A good diagram from Prudential that explains how an ILIT works during both the life of the insured and after death. It’s a useful visual tool you can use with clients during ILIT discussions. Download


Product Information

Lincoln Auto Bind & Jumbo Limits

Every carrier has various retention limits. Do you what yours are? This document details retention limits for Lincoln. Download

Lincoln Table Shave

This PDF details the Lincoln Financial table shave for life insurance including limits, eligibility, and available riders. Download

MetLife Whole Life Select Update

This product flyer from MetLife explains the expansion of the Whole Life Select family of life insurance products. Download


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