Life Insurance Marketing — with Robust Policy Choices

Every client has different life insurance goals. Success in life insurance marketing often comes down to a choice in policy options. Life Marketers offers its partner agents comprehensive life insurance policy options including Whole Life, Universal Life, and Term Life, all from financially stable, reputable carriers. With Life Marketers, agents focus on clients while we help with the recommendations and carrier interface.

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Every day Insurance agents experience the complexity of life insurance marketing. Each carrier features their own product twists designed for different goals, different lifestyles, and different markets. Understanding it is difficult even for experienced agents. A key to success is navigating the maze to find the best policies for your client. As a General Agent we have built relationships with a diverse group of carriers so we can help you get the right policy for your clients whether it’s Term Life, Universal Life, or Whole Life.

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Flexible Options For Your Life Insurance Marketing

Life Marketers has a carefully selected roster of life insurance carriers. Each of our carriers has been chosen so we can offer a diverse range of policies to fit your client’s goals.

Term Life: Term Life Insurance is always a popular product. Its lower cost, flexible options, and excellent risk protection make it a key offering for any agent. It’s a convenient, inexpensive solution for life insurance that can later be converted to a permanent product.

Whole Life: Life Marketers can assist with a complete range of Whole Life products. We can help find the best policies to suit a client’s lifestyle, individual goals, and cash accumulation needs.

Universal Life: Universal Life provides clients with a flexible permanent life insurance product that can be customized for premium tolerance while still offering cash accumulation. Life Marketers will help build a policy that meets goals including options like No Lapse Guarantees (NLG.)

Life Marketers understands that a successful sale often relies upon the policy options that are presented. We help agents find the best life insurance policies for their clients so they can be more successful. Contact Life Marketers and let us show you how we can help you succeed in the sale and marketing of life insurance.


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