Tax Deferred Growth with Fixed Annuities

Life Marketers helps its partner agents succeed in the sale and marketing of insurance and investment tools like Fixed Annuities. Whether seeking help with a complex life insurance product or on a safe haven investment like a Fixed Annuity, Life Marketers offers knowledge, information, and help.

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Fixed Annuities provide a secure investment on a tax-deferred basis. Offering simplicity, they provide all the benefits of annuities but at a fixed return. Unlike Equity Indexed Annuities that link to a stock market index, Fixed Annuities are tied to an interest rate. Capital continues to grow during the life of the annuity with no tax consequence until money is withdrawn. Conservative clients may opt for a Fixed Annuity to protect wealth while still increasing returns over other investment vehicles like CDs.

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When it comes to Fixed Annuities, Life Marketers can help agents find the best payout options and rates of return. Our carriers offer lifetime payout, joint life, period certain, or even lump sum distribution payout options. We work with all major insurance carriers and have developed a reputation for helping agents successfully market and sell products like Fixed Annuities. We work closely with our partner agents and facilitate the transaction including back-end coordination with the carriers. The goal is simple--free up agents to focus on the client while we handle the rest.

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