Non-Medical Life Insurance: Save the Hassle

Life Marketers helps agents sell all types of life insurance from complex, advanced policies for businesses to simplified issue products like Non-Medical Life Insurance. As a General Agency our job is to help our partners succeed regardless of the product or policy premium.

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For individuals with health challenges or problems in their medical history, life insurance policies are difficult or impossible to get issued. However, these clients don’t have to forego the protection of life insurance. Non-Medical Life Insurance bypasses the time consuming paperwork and medical exams yet provides death benefits for individuals.

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With both Whole Life and Term Life policies available, Non-Medical Life Insurance is quicker to issue but has limits on policy value. Life Marketers helps insurance professionals find the best coverage for their clients with a medical history. We can help find policies with terms from 10 to 30 years.

The Life Marketers Advantage

Many other General Agents don’t like to bother with limited value policies like Non-Medical Life Insurance. At Life Marketers we take a different approach. We are here to help our partners succeed. That means servicing them for complex high dollar policies or on low value Non-Medical Life Insurance policies. Regardless of the product, you get the same, easy to work with insurance professionals who will assist with everything from underwriting to policy issue. It’s just one more reason so many in the industry opt to do business with Life Marketers.

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