A Life Insurance General Agency That Helps You Succeed

Our job as a general agency is to help insurance professionals succeed in selling life insurance. We use our experience and knowledge to find solutions for agents and financial professionals that achieve their clients’ goals. From term life insurance to a complex COLI policy that mitigates tax risk, Life Marketers gives you the best opportunity for success.

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The complexity of life insurance is a challenge for many insurance agents. A seemingly endless array of options makes it difficult for an agent to navigate the maze of policy choice. Life Marketers is built upon our knowledge of life insurance so we can help agents and their clients. Our general agency was created to help you meet your client needs, premium requirements, and policy provisions. We assist agents from quote to issue so they can be more successful.

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A Helpful General Agency

Independent agents and insurance professionals are in business to sell insurance. A general agency is in business to help them succeed. Life Marketers has built its business upon this foundation. We help agents with case design, underwriting, and policy issue. The end result, our partners spend more time selling and less time processing.

Simple to Complex…We Can Help

Life insurance can be a powerful tool for financial planning. Businesses and individuals alike can take advantage of the financial, tax, and risk mitigation benefits. Life Marketers helps agents service both businesses and citizens throughout the life insurance spectrum. We use our knowledge and experience to make recommendations and design complex cases.

Life Insurance for Individuals- our general agency can assist with a wide range of policies and options. Indexed Universal Life, Term Life, and Non-Medical Life Insurance are just a sample of the policies with which we can help. We assist with a full range of term and permanent life insurance policies while also offering top level street commissions.

Life Insurance for Businesses- businesses can use life insurance for a wide variety of tax planning, employee benefit, and risk mitigation strategies. LifeMarketers assists with policies like Corporate Owned Life Insurance, Bank Owned Life Insurance, or Split Dollar Life Insurance.

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