Protect Clients With Disability Insurance

The threat of financial hardship due to a disabling injury is real. Disability Insurance (DI) mitigates the financial risk but a maze of policies and carriers makes it difficult to find the optimal solution. Life Marketers guides insurance professionals to the best choice for their clients so they can win the business and get the policy issued.

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Nearly one in seven people will miss more than five years of work due to a disability which often results in bankruptcy or foreclosure. For professionals like doctors and lawyers, whose knowledge and education are their income producing engine, disability is an outright catastrophe. Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance provide a level of protection so individuals or groups can insure against the unplanned consequences. But the range of policies, carriers, and provisions make choosing Disability Insurance more difficult than it sounds.

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A General Agency Focused on Your Success

Life Marketers helps agents succeed with Disability Insurance. We understand the carriers, their processes, and the policy options. Our goal is to help our agents and partners find the best Disability Insurance for their client. Our disability experts can analyze needs, premium requirements, mitigating circumstances, and even additional policies, like an existing group policy, to make recommendations. We partner with agents on the entire process from quote to underwriting to policy issuance. Quite simply, it’s about making our partners successful.

Disability Insurance Options with Life Marketers

Our General Agency helps insurance professionals with both group and individual Disability Insurance options. A few of the DI policies with which we can assist are Long Term Disability Insurance, Short Term Disability Insurance, Key Man Disability Insurance, and Physician Disability Insurance. Regardless of the DI need, LifeMarketers can help find the right policy. Our responsive and knowledgable team will quickly get you the information, quotes, or case information you need. Contact us if you would like a quote or other information.