DI Solutions

Need information on disability insurance to share with your clients? The Life Marketers DI Solutions Center contains resources that you can use. Of course, our team is always available to help you succeed with your next client oppotunity. We can get you a quote or any product information you need. Contact us.

Tools for Agents

DI Request for Proposal

Do you need help quoting a DI policy for a client?  Fill out this handy request for proposal form and send it to our office and we'll be happy to assist you. Download

The ABCs of Disability Insurance

This presentation from Life Marketers offers lots of great information on disability insurance. Intended for agents, this educational deck describes underwriting requirements, coverage, policy benefits, and other useful information. Download

Overcoming Objections to DI

Do you hesitate to bring up DI because of frequent objections from clients? This document provides answers to a few common objections to disability insurance. It’s a great sales tool you can use to create a DI opportunity. Download

DI Fact Finder

Creating a new DI opportunity can often be as easy as finding out some information from your client. This document describes a fact finding model you can use with clients to uncover new DI prospects. Download

Educate Clients About DI

Many clients don’t understand DI insurance or why they should carry it. This document provides some great information you can use to help inform about DI’s coverage and benefits. Download

Consumer Information

Principal Disability Insurance Presentation

Need a powerpoint to share with clients on Principal disability insurance solutions? Look no further. This deck contains a great DI overview that you can customize and use in your next meeting. Download.

DI for Business Owners

Do you have clients who own businesses? Do they carry DI? Many don’t realize that a disability can cost them the business they have worked so hard to build. This case study explains how a business owner can use DI to take out some of the risk. Download

DI Sales Flyer

This sales flyer from UnionCentral poses the basic DI value proposition for your clients. In the event of illness or other disability, how will they pay for life’s expenses? Download

Product Information

Assurity DI Seller's Guide

Need information on Assurity DI? It’s in here! This in-depth manual contains everything you need to know about Assurity DI. This document is for agents only. Download.

Principal DI Product & Underwriting Manual

Here is a detailed manual for producers on Principal DI Series 700 products. The document contains everything you need to know about the Series 700 line of disability insurance. Download.



Principal Insurance Series 700 Quick Reference Guide

This useful document provides an overview of the DI products available from Principal. It covers the Series 700 individual DI series and offers details on the products. Download.

DI for the Cost Conscious

Cost is a common objection to disability insurance. This document for Ameritas explains how you can shave some costs for clients using the DInamic Foundation from Ameritas. Download


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