COLI & BOLI: Complex Life Insurance for Businesses

Successful businesses take steps to mitigate risk and limit tax exposure, all benefits offered by life insurance. Life Marketers helps agents service businesses with both Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) and with Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI). Life Marketers is the ideal partner to help with these complex policies.

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Corporate Owned Life Insurance and Bank Owned Life Insurance are two of the more popular forms of life insurance used by business entities. In fact, one study states that 68% of Fortune 1000 companies buy COLI policies. Why? COLI offers tax planning benefits while helping to hedge against the loss of a key employee or business owner.

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COLI and BOLI policies are used in a wide variety of applications like Key Man Insurance or Buy-Sell Insurance where proceeds from the policy are used to buyout a deceased owner or business partner. Regardless of application, Life Marketers understands both BOLI and COLI and helps agents find policies that meet their clients’ specific goals.

Business Insurance Is Our Business

Agents selling to business entities require a General Agent who is responsive, able to design complex cases, and willing to go the extra mile to get the policy issued. After all, these business clients are important and need attention. That means insurance professionals need a General Agent who will take whatever steps are necessary. Life Marketers has built its business on this understanding. Our team quickly responds to requests and is always available to help throughout the underwriting process. It’s just one of the ways that we help make you successful.

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