Physician Disability Insurance

Doctors make a substantial investment in time and money to practice their profession. If something were to happen to prevent a doctor from being able to perform their medical duties then the investment is lost. This reality is one of the factors that make Physician Disability Insurance one of the most commonly issued forms of DI.

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Physician Disability Insurance is an individual Long Term DI policy that differs from other DI policies since it insures the occupation and not the person. This means that if a doctor is not able to substantially and materially perform his or her duties the benefit is paid, even if they are able to work in another occupation. The intent of Physician Disability Insurance is to insure the investment that has been made to become a doctor. Physician DI is prudent financial planning with which Life Marketers can help.

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Life Marketers Helps Throughout the Policy Term

As a specialized insurance product there are unique attributes to Physican DI that require management throughout the lifecycle. For example, as the doctor’s earnings increase over time the amount of coverage must also be increased. Life Marketers helps insurance professionals manage the policy through its term. We assist with the initial underwriting and will also help manage the process as the policy limits need to be increased. Our focus goes beyond just the initial sale. We want to help our partners build a successful insurance practice which includes ongoing policy management. Our knowledgeable and responsive team of experts is always available to assist with carriers or with the client’s needs.

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