Indexed Universal Life (IUL) for Safety & Flexibility

Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) provides policy owners with flexibility and death benefits while also deferring taxes. Life Marketers helps agents find the right policy to fit their client’s unique circumstances taking into account medical history, financial goals, and premium tolerance.

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Universal Life insurance is a mainstay in the life insurance market. Many clients look to Universal Life to help plan for retirement, defer taxes, and receive a guaranteed death benefit. For many life insurance agents, selling Universal Life is a cornerstone of their business. Life Marketers assists agents with the marketing of Universal Life and its newer sibling, Indexed Universal Life.

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A Partner in Indexed UL

Life Marketers prides itself upon our ability to assist partner insurance agents and financial professionals. Our role is to facilitate and simplify the marketing of life insurance products like Indexed Universal Life. We unload as much of the work from our partners as we can so they can focus on selling and client service. We know how to navigate the carriers’ processes and how to get a policy successfully issued. It’s just one of the ways we help our partners succeed.

Indexed Universal Life Options

With flexibility as one of the primary benefits, it’s only fitting that there are a variety of options for Indexed UL policies. Policies can be indexed to various equity indices or other financial instruments. Clients can choose between Guaranteed Indexed UL for a guaranteed death benefit or Accumulation Indexed Universal Life which maximizes the cash accumulation but doesn’t guarantee death benefits. Life Marketers works with a variety of carriers including North American, Ameritas, AIG, John Hancock, Prudential, Transamerica, Protective, Securian Financial, Penn Mutual, Global Atlantic, and Lincoln Financial on Indexed Universal Life.

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