Protect Income with Long Term Disability Insurance

Disasters happen. It's a fact of life. Unfortunately, when a disaster strikes, like a disabling injury, the consequence is often the loss of earned income. Bankruptcy, foreclosure, and stress are the result. Life Marketers helps insurance agents develop Long Term Disability Insurance strategies so that clients are sparred financial pain and misery.

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One in seven Americans can expect a disability that lasts longer than five years. Long Term Disability Insurance is a hedge against lost income when an injury occurs. Available for individuals as well as for groups, Long Term DI replaces income when it can no longer be earned due to an injury, work related or otherwise. Long Term Disability Insurance will replace up to 60% of the annual income up to $500,000.

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Individual & Group Policies with Life Marketers

Life Marketers helps agent and insurance professionals become trusted advisors to clients by providing them with the best options for individual, group, or multi-life Long Term Disability Insurance policies. Our helpful team will obtain quotes, recommend policies, and assist throughout the underwriting process.

Individual Long Term DI- Life Marketers helps many agents obtain the best Long Term DI for their clients. We assist throughout the process including advising on the best policy options, assisting with gathering information, and even coordinating with the carrier to simply the underwriting process for the agent and their client. Our carriers include Principal Financial, Mutual of Omaha, MetLife, and Assurity.

Group Long Term DI- For businesses, group Long Term DI insurance offers an important benefit to employees while also providing tax benefits to the business. Life Marketers helps insurance professionals set up group policies for clients as well as multi-life DI, one of the fastest growing segments in the Disability Insurance market. Like always, our professionals put in the extra effort to help our agents succeed in the sale and issuance of group Long Term Disability.

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